World Padel Tour Abu Dhabi 2023 – Schedule and TV channels


World Padel Tour season kicks off with the Abu Dhabi Masters

After a long wait, since Barcelona put the finishing touch to the World Padel Tour season with the Final Master in December last year, the competition starts again in the blue heart with the Abu Dhabi Master from the 21st to the 26th of February.  The tournament will be played at the Bab Al Nojoum complex on Hudayriyat Island and will be the first World Padel Tour tournament to be played on Arabian soil.


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Timetables and television to watch it

The main draw will get underway on Tuesday 21st with the first round of 16, which can be seen on the World Padel TV app from 7:00 Spanish time (3:00 in Argentina). The number 1 pairing of Alejandra Salazar will kick off the tournament and then at 15:30 Spanish time (11:30 Argentine time) we’ll be able to see one of the most exciting pairings, Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia, in action. The number 4 pairing of Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello will also play on Tuesday.

The last sixteen will be completed on Wednesday 22nd, which can also be seen on the World Padel TV app, and will feature the number 1 and 2 pairings on tour, Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan, and Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutierrez.

The last sixteen will be played on Thursday and can also be followed on the official World Padel Tour channel with the most important men’s and women’s matches.

The novelties come on Friday, as only the quarter finals of the women’s draw will be available on World Padel Tour TV. The men’s matches will be broadcast on pay-per-view platforms. In Spain Movistar (Movistar Deportes or Vamos) or in Argentina Direct TV. The same will be true for the semi-finals and finals. Check all the schedules for the World Padel Tour Abu Dhabi Masters here.

Changes of partner encourage the start of the seasson

The dance begins in the Middle East with new partners on court. The movement of couples has been quite extensive with the aim of unseating the current number 1’s, both in the women’s draw (Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay) and men’s (Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron). These new pairings have generated quite a lot of expectation, as they have brought together great young talents who are yet to see how they will work together and other super class veterans who are crossing paths again to fight against the generational change. These are the pairings that are generating the most excitement among padel fans.

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Agustín Tapia y Arturo Coello

The Spanish-Argentine pairing is set to be one of those competing with Lebron and Galán for the number one spot. A perfect combination of youth, quality and explosiveness that will be directed from the bench by Manu Martin and Pablo Corsetti. JASP, young but more than prepared.

Franco Stupaczuk y Martín Di Nenno

Perhaps one of the most nostalgic reunions of the circuit. After playing almost all their formative years together, the super kids meet again, now in professional padel and turned into big stars. The grit, hard work and persistence are characteristics of a couple called to be at the top of the ranking.

Sanyo Gutiérrez y Fernando Belasteguín

“The boss” and “the magician” cross paths again to continue competing in a new padel dominated by youth and power. The guarantee of competing and the class they possess are two of the strengths of this great number 1 pairing.

Paquito Navarro y Juan Tello

Although they started playing at the end of last year, the fact that Paquito Navarro has completed a pre-season working from the right makes them a “new” pairing. We will see how the player from Seville has completely adapted to his new position on court and how he matches up with the aggressive play of “el gato” Tello.

World padel tour cuadro femenino

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Patty Llaguno y Victoria Iglesias

With the first three pairings settled after a fairly regular season 2022, the changes in the women’s circuit have happened from the 4th. This union between Llaguno and Iglesias has led to the change of the player from Murcia to the drive. This pairing has the makings to be fighting for high positions in the rankings.

Lucia Sainz y Aranza Osoro

If we were talking about a change from the backhand to the drive, here we have the reverse. Osoro switches to the backhand to play alongside a number 1 like Lucia Sainz. It is not a new position for her, as she has played there on several occasions for the Argentine national team.

Delfi Brea y Sofia Araujo

Bullpadel players come together with the aim of forming a solid project and make it difficult for the top couples of the ranking. The Argentine player and the Portuguese will seek to sneak into the final stages and get to fight for a title.

Virginia Riera y Tamara Icardo

After a difficult season due to a hand injury, the Valencian player Tamara Icardo will try to return to the 2021 level together with the experienced Argentinean player Virginia Riera.

Atentos a estas jóvenes parejas

Some of the pleasant surprises of the last few seasons have decided to join forces to start the 2023 season. They are young, with a lot of quality and talent that will seek to make a place for themselves among the best couples on the planet. The most outstanding are:

Jon Sanz y Javi Leal (2000 y 2003)

Mike Yanguas y Alex Arroyo (2003 y 2001)

Claudia Jensen y Jessica Castelló (2005 y 1997)

Marta Talaván y Lorena Rufo (1995 y 2003)





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