The best padel balls for 2023

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We have all experienced that moment when we arrive at the court ready to play our match and we, or any of our teammates, take out a jar of padel balls to continue with the phrase: “These are fine, they only have two games”. Surely they have, but during the course of the match we realise that the performance of the balls is not the best and that the bounce is weak and irregular. That’s why we want to let you know which are the best padel balls for you to play your matches in 2023.

We have your solution. The padel balls that you are going to enjoy the most this year are the pressurised balls, here we give you the reasons why they are your best option:

Get the most out of them

Most of the time when we change the padel balls we see that they are practically new, but they don’t bounce. Even if they have been opened and only one game has been played, the ball has been losing its pressure when exposed to atmospheric pressure.

If you pressurise them after each game and keep them in the can with pressure until the next game, the ball will be perfect and you will be able to extend it for 6,10,12,… as many games as you want.

Economic savings

You won’t have to buy balls every 2-3 weeks. You can play with the same set of balls for several months with a perfect and regular bounce. This will translate into financial savings that you can use for other investments.

Better playing experience

If you pressurise the balls with a pressuriser the ball will recover its internal pressure, the ball will always stay hard and the bounce will be perfect and regular, which will allow you to enjoy the best playing experience during your matches, being able to make those shots that you like so much and the game more fun.


Reduces environmental impact

The use of pressurised balls also helps to protect the environment. The rubber that makes up the balls is a material that generates a lot of CO2 in its production and distribution, and once the balls are no longer useful, the recycling process is not easy. They cannot just be left anywhere, as it would take over 2,000 years for a ball to decompose. They must undergo treatment for disposal and reuse.

A very simple process

The method of recovering the balls is very easy and quick. In the case of Pascal Box you only have to put the balls in your canister, close it and pressurise it to the level indicated for paddle balls, in this case. This is achieved by adding air with a hand pump.

Pascal Box

There are several pressurisers on the market, but Pascal Box is the pioneer brand and the one that really manages to recover the balls as efficiently and accurately as possible.

The pressure gauge on our equipment allows you to set the right pressure for the padel balls and to check that the equipment is doing its job and does not lose pressure.

Our locking system is perfect and guarantees the sealing so that the pressure inside does not escape. As long as the simple maintenance is done (cleaning and lubrication) the operation is guaranteed and your balls will recover after every game.

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The balls that work best

All approved balls can be recovered. It is always better to choose those that have the best quality for pressurising, because you should not mind spending a little more, as you will more than recoup the investment. These are some of the recommended brands:

Bullapdell Premium PRO
Bullpadel GOLD
Head PRO
Babolat Court

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