Recommendations for the disinfection of padel and tennis balls – Pascal Box LAB

Pascal Box, through its R+D+i department Pascal Box LAB, would like to share with you some simple and effective recommendations to achieve total disinfection of padel and tennis balls using ozone.


Ozone is considered by the World Health Organisation as the most powerful disinfectant, especially for viral agents such as the Covid-19 coronavirus. The use of ozone as a disinfectant is also regulated by the European Union in its regulation 528/2021.

Ozone is produced in a simple, clean and economical way. It is completely harmless at these volumes (less than a litre for 3-4 balls and 5 for a box of 72 balls (we have used the Pascal Box PRO as a reference – PRO web link). And after a few seconds it decomposes naturally into oxygen.

Video Recomendaciones desinfección pelotas de pádel y tenis empleando ozono - Pascal Box LAB

The recommended procedure is as follows:
Use of a domestic ozone generator with a minimum production volume of 2000mg/hour and with an applicator tube or chute.
For 3- or 4-ball tubes
Introduce ozone into the 3-4 ball tube for approximately 10 seconds.
Close the container
Leave the ozone to act for a minimum of 5 minutes.
The balls will be disinfected and ready to be used again in complete safety.
For a complete trolley/box of 72 balls (we have used Pascal Box PRO as reference)
Put ozone in the 72-ball container for approximately 50-60 seconds.
Close the container
Leave the ozone to act for a minimum of 5 minutes.
The balls will be disinfected and ready to be used again in complete safety.

By following these recommendations we ensure that we have totally disinfected balls every time we are going to use them, both in private matches and in the classes of clubs, academies and teachers.

You can see an explanatory video on how to apply it on our Youtube channel.

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This solution allows us to enjoy our sport with total security as far as balls are concerned (it can also be applied to other elements such as shovel, shoe, etc…using the bag or backpack as a container) while we do not incur unnecessary costs, we do not generate non-biodegradable and non-recycled waste, we reduce the generation and footprint of CO2 and energy consumption caused by the use of new balls for each match and training.


At Pascal Box we are committed to finding efficient solutions that are not a step backwards but a step forwards. We understand that these exceptional circumstances that we are experiencing should be an opportunity, and not a brake, to achieve a social, economic model and patterns of responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption.


The acquisition of ozone generators could be carried out by the players and instructors themselves for personal use or it could be the clubs that acquire these generators and offer these disinfection services to their clients (free of charge or through a payment system). In both cases it will certainly be an efficient investment.


We hope that you will find these recommendations interesting to incorporate into your own studies and recommendations, so that you can pass them on to the different actors in the sector concerned: from clubs, academies and instructors to the end user.