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Are you a padel or tennis instructor? do you work in a club or academy? Are you concerned about giving the best possible service to your clients?

As a professional you know the importance of playing with balls in good conditions and with the correct pressure. You will also know very well the cost of a padel or tennis ball box of 72 and how long you make them last for your lessons.

Just for you, for the professionals, to give you an efficient solution, Pascal Box was born. Want to know more?

PASCAL BOX PROFESIONAL® is unique in the market

Pascal Box Professional is the only pressure charger which put the regulatory pressure back into your balls, day after day. Now you can have balls like brand new, always. Suitable for padel and tennis balls.



  • Pascal Box Professional
  • Stainless steel container
  • Capacity for 72 balls
  • Regulatory pressure indefinitely. Guaranteed
  • Patented Sealing System
  • High precision manometer
  • Security valve
  • Height adjustable trolley (optional)


  • Balls with the perfect bounce, always
  • Differenciate from your competitors
  • Offer the best experience to your clients
  • Help avoid injuries
  • 5 year warranty and permanent customer service
  • Help protect the environment

What do the experts say?

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What is Pascal Box Professional?

It is a stainless steel container with capacity for 72 balls which can pressurise your daily use balls so you can have them with the perfect pressure everyday. Interesting? There is more.

Pascal Box works with a small electric air compressor (included) and offers an optional height adjustable trolley to use it on court.

You will just have to put pressure into the Pascal Box at the end of the day and it will put the pressure back into the balls so they will be perfect for the next working day.

Save time and money, help protect the environment and offer your clients always lessons with balls with the proper pressure, bounce and performance.

With Pascal Box you will decide when to change your working balls.

Want to acquire the PASCAL BOX PROFESIONAL®?

You can also write us to marketing@pascalbox.com
or call to +34 918 812 271

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