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  • Precision inflation system for tennis and padel balls.
  • Capacity for up to 240 tennis and padel balls.
  • Maximum precision pressure gauge calibrated according to the official parameters of the International Tennis and Padel Federations.
  • Patented locking system that guarantees 100% effectiveness
  • Made of high quality stainless steel and high resistance polycarbonate.
  • Support structure made of wrought iron with wheels for easy handling and rotating system for easy removal of the balls.
  • Easy assembly (instructions included)
  • 100% repairable product: all components can be repaired or replaced in the event of wear or breakage.
  • Designed and manufactured in Spain. Patents registered.
  • Optional: Salky electric air compressor
  • NEW!: Personalize your Pascal Box PRO or PRO XL with no extra cost engraving with laser a logo or a text. A class detail 😉
  • Production and shipment period: 12 to 15 working days (plus transport depending on delivery address)
Pascal BOX PRO XL + Salky electric compressor
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pascal box® PRO XL presentation

oHigh capacity for maximum performance

The Pascal Box PRO XL is the perfect solution for clubs and academies as you can offer your customers lessons with balls at the perfect pressure every time. Each unit can service from 3 to 6 (inflated every other day) full baskets of 72 balls.

The Pascal Box PRO XL is built to last a lifetime. It is made of top quality materials and all its components can be easily and economically replaced and repaired. You can pass it on to your children or sell it when you retire 😉

Benefits of the Pascal Box® PRO XL

oSet yourself apart from the rest. Huge money saving, reduce your environmental impact and avoid injuries.

No more teaching with balls without pressure.

You will be able to boast of giving all your lessons with balls that bounce as they should, giving the best possible service to your students.

Reduce costs.

The savings it generates are very significant, money that you can spend on other items. Ask us by email for the savings calculator so you can do the maths.

Reduces environmental impact.

You will help generate less unnecessary waste (balls are currently not recycled and end up in landfill or in the sea) and less CO2 (for every kilo of rubber manufactured, 4 kilos of CO2 are released into the atmosphere, plus the CO2 produced by transport by ship from the other side of the world – most of the balls are manufactured in Asia).

Prevents injuries.

You will avoid possible injuries to your students caused by forced gestures when going for balls that do not behave as they should and you will help prevent, and even correct, injuries to your teachers (proven: reduces and even eliminates tennis elbow caused by using bad balls).



oMaximum efficiency and guaranteed lifetime operation

  • Capacity for 240 padel and tennis balls.
  • Maximum precision pressure gauge calibrated according to the official parameters of the International Padel and Tennis Federations.
  • Lid made of high resistance polycarbonate.
  • Rotating system for ball extraction.
  • Reinforced structure with wheels for easy handling.
  • Option of personalisation by vinyl and/or laser marking.
  • Designed and manufactured in Spain. Internationally patented system.

Garantizamos resultados al 100%. Pascal Box es el único sistema que puede mantener indefinidamente hasta 48 PSI de presión.

Nuestro manómetro de precisión te garantiza que el sistema está haciendo su trabajo. Sin esta garantía es imposible saber si el equipo está haciendo su trabajo. El aire encuentra el mínimo espacio para escaparse y si lo logra no se consigue inflar las pelotas.

Nota: Por debajo de 29 PSI la presión no es suficiente para atravesar el caucho de la pelota.


Presión oficial Federación Internacional de Tenis

Presión oficial Federación Internacional de Pádel

Presión generada por otros dispositivos

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