Nuair Compressor

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  • Electric compressor recommended for pressurising the Pascal Box PRO and Pascal BOX PRO XL.
  • It has a higher air flow that allows to pressurize the equipment in less time.
  • Very low noise level, below 20 decibels.
  • Adaptable rubber for your Pascal Box PRO valve.
  • This product is not manufactured by Pascal Box and is covered by the NUAIR manufacturer’s warranty.

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Fast-charging and silent compressor for the pressurisation of Pascal Box equipment.

The Pascal Box compressor allows you to pressurise your pressurisers faster.

Approximate loading times for Pascal Box units:
-Pascal Box PRO: 40 seconds
-Pascal Box PRO XL: 2 minutes
In addition, it has a noise level of less than 20db, so you will not notice any sounds or noises when pressurising your equipment.

If you have any questions about which compressors to use, please contact us at soporte@pascalbox.comand on the phone +34 918 812 271