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To understand the positive environmental impact of using Pascal Box products and solutions, we first need to understand some key aspects of the life cycle of tennis and padel balls.


We have to change the “our mindset”

  • Currently we only use the balls in one, two or three games. Or we play more, but already with deflated balls, without the right bounce or behavior.
  • And those balls we throw away still have plenty of life left in them because the rubber and felt are in perfect condition.
  • We throw them away because they are deflated. It’s like throwing away a soccer or basketball ball just because it’s deflated.
  • We do not give any value or importance to the balls, nor to all that is involved in terms of materials, resources and energy used in their manufacture and transportation.
  • Using a product a couple of times and throwing it away when it is in perfect condition is irresponsible and inefficient behavior. We waste materials, energy, money and generate waste and pollution completely unnecessarily.
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A long, high-impact journey

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Closing the circle

  • Today there are very few tennis and padel ball recycling initiatives worldwide. But new ones are emerging all the time.
  • Some are focused on collecting the balls to give them a second use as a seat or table covering in schools. Others manage to separate the flet from the rubber and manage to recycle the rubber to manufacture new products such as tennis courts, playgrounds, flip-flops and even clothing. Still others succeed in transforming rubber into a new form of fuel through chemical processes.
  • But the vast majority of the balls still end up in landfills or even in our forests, rivers and seas.


These key aspects are the same as those we reflected on at the beginning.

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And the conclusions we reached were what drove us to create the company. And, to this day, they continue to be the driving force behind our ongoing innovation, improvements and search for new solutions.

Throughout these years we have been developing a company philosophy that builds an unwavering commitment to responsible production and consumption, circular economy and environmental protection.

We design and build to last: All our products are designed and built to last for many years, or even a lifetime like the Pascal Box PRO.

They are manufactured with high resistance materials. Its components are robust and of the highest quality.

Obviously, materials suffer wear and tear with use and can be damaged or broken by a blow or a fall. That is why all our components and elements are easily repairable or replaceable at a very low cost.

Our products are not made of cheap, low-quality materials, they are not products to be thrown away when damaged.

Our products are solid and robust and can be repaired for service and guarantee perfect results for years and years to come.


What is the positive impact we achieve using Pascal Box products and solutions?

  • At the beginning of the life cycle of the balls: By extracting all the real useful life of the balls (and also with perfect bounce and performance in every match and training) we reduce the number of balls manufactured annually (more than 360 million) with the consequent reduction in the consumption and manufacture of synthetic materials, reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
  • In the central part of the cycle, that of its use, we have managed to greatly extend the working period to its real potential, always with the perfect rebound and performance. You will be able to use your balls for dozens of matches and for many weeks, even months, regardless of when you first opened the can.
  • At the end of the cycle: We are developing an international collaborative project with clubs, companies from different sectors, federations and public and private institutions, to implement efficient collection and recycling systems in order to create a true Circular Economy system for tennis and padel balls.

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Until now we have not given any value to the balls, they were a disposable product. We were not aware of the irrational and irresponsible way we used and consumed tennis and padel balls. And much less of the enormous environmental impact it entailed.

It is in our hands to change it. There is no excuse anymore. We can correct that behavior and also save money and enjoy the best playing experience, from the first match to the last, using balls with the perfect pressure and bounce.