4 solutions to enjoy perfect balls for your matches and training sessions

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It happens to all padel or tennis players, doesn’t it? A new week begins and we wish with all our strength that it is time for our training session at the local club or the one we are enrolled in.  You enter the facility, you approach the court and there you find your teammates and the instructor, who is waiting for you with his balls cart to start the 6 or 90 minutes that you have been waiting all week.

Has it ever happened to you that you arrive to class and in your instructor’s trolley there are balls of different types and in a very bad condition? This happens in many tennis and paddle tennis clubs. Over the course of the term the balls wear out and lose their pressure, but at the same time they get lost from one trolley to another and this means that you don’t get the maximum performance in the training sessions.


How does the ball deteriorate?

The balls are made of rubber and plush, two synthetic elements derived from hydrocarbons. The former is more durable and resistant, as opposed to the plush that deteriorates over time due to the friction of the ball with the different elements of the game (paddles, rackets, surface, walls…). The ball keeps an internal pressure inside, which in both tennis and paddle tennis is indicated by the competent international federation of each sport.

The main function of the plush is to moderate the speed of the ball. As we said before, the hair that covers the ball is lost, but what marks the usability of the ball is its bounce, which is determined by the internal pressure it has.

When a pack of balls is used for the first time and used match after match, they lose their pressure, and once they become loose they run a greater risk of the rubber deteriorating and losing even more pressure (punctures). The same happens with the balls used for classes or training, which are exposed to greater wear. This loss of pressure causes less rebound, which makes the playing experience less fun, and can even lead to injuries.

In addition, the ball is not used to its full potential, since its durability can be extended, thus saving on the purchase of more material and reducing the impact on the environment (since balls are not currently recycled because the pyrolysis process is very costly).

How can this be solved?

Here we offer you the solution to all these problems, because Pascal Box products are designed to improve the playing experience of users. Our systems recover the pressure lost by the balls used after each game or training session. A ball with its correct pressure has a longer durability and helps to avoid all those problems we mentioned before.

Pascal Box offers two product lines. The first one is the amateur line, consisting of two products, the Pascal Box 3B and the Pascal Box 4B. They are two pressurizers with similar features, and they differ in the capacity of their containers, since in one we can introduce 3 balls and in the other model we can introduce 4 balls. With these devices the pressure of the balls is recovered after each game, always maintaining a pressure that generates a satisfactory rebound for the game.

For clubs there is the professional line, consisting of the Pascal Box Pro, a steel pot with a capacity of up to 75 balls, similar to class carts, and the Pascal Box Pro XL, another pot with a larger capacity (up to 250 balls) and which is more oriented to the material storage of schools.

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These are internationally patented products made of the highest quality, precision and resistant materials, built to last a lifetime.

All of them help to recover the pressure of the ball by means of an inflation system of maximum precision. This will allow you to solve all those problems you may face when playing with bad balls. We specify how.

Improves the playing experience

The inflation of the ball, with its consequent recovery of the pressure will help us to enjoy our games and trainings to the maximum, with a perfect rebound.

Save on balls

It will no longer be necessary to buy balls after 3 or 4 games. With Pascal Box they will last as long as you want, you will extend their life and you will get the maximum utility with an always good performance.

Reduce your environmental impact

You will help generate less unnecessary waste (balls are currently not recycled and end up in landfills or in the sea) and less CO2 (for every kilo of rubber manufactured, 4 kilos of CO2 are released into the atmosphere, plus the CO2 produced by transport by ship from the other side of the world – the balls are manufactured in Asia).

Avoids injuries

It avoids possible injuries of players and students caused by forced gestures when going for balls that do not behave as they should and helps to prevent, and even correct, injuries of teachers (proven: it reduces and even eliminates tennis elbow by using balls in bad condition).






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