Yes, and the reason we need it is very simple; when using Pascal Box dirt and sand from the courts and fibers from the balls get into the recipient and when they get stuck in the o-ring area causing the loss of the air tightness. The air will escape and the pressure will be lost. But this is very simple to remedy, just by periodically cleaning the o-ring and lubricating it afterwards. Watch this short video for instructions how to do it:

PASCAL BOX® recovers totally the pressure of old and new balls which have lost their internal pressure giving them back their first day’s bounce. You just have to follow the process for recovering balls without internal pressure. You can chek it out in our section ‘User Guide’ ( and in this video of our Youtube channel:

PASCAL BOX® recharges the internal pressure of the balls up to the desired level within the regulatory ranges of each sport. You can extend the life-span of the balls as much as you want, until the ball breaks or until you decide to discard it because the felt has worn out. Many players have used the same balls for over a year, often with more than 40 matches. The known record is 63 matches with the same balls!! The wear ratio of the rubber and the felt depends on the model/brand of the ball.PASCAL BOX® guarantees you the perfect bounce regardless the level of wear of the ball.

Balls normally lose their bounce performance after two or three matches, due to lack of pressure. A regular player, who buy, average, one can of balls every two weeks will repay itself in less than six months. At the end of a year the average savings in balls for a regular/intensive player can be easily over 150 euros. Anyhow, maybe the greatest advantage of PASCAL BOX® is providing us with the pleasure and playing experience of brand new balls matcha after match, always.

Every one of us, every player needs a ball that bounce correctly, from beginners to professionals. The later have to play with balls with the regulatory pressure in order to make the most of their skills. In the case of intermediate players or even beginners, the use of PASCAL BOX® makes even more sense because the frequency of use of the balls is lower, which means that balls which are new (after just one match) will lose their internal pressure just for being exposed to atmospheric pressure. So, every player will benefit from PASCAL BOX®: will play always with balls with the regulatory pressure and will make use of the whole real life span of the balls.

That depends on what internal pressure the ball has. A brand new ball, after the first match, will take 12 hours maximum to recover the original regulatory pressure back (be aware a ball loses up to 25% of its original pressure during the first match). The recharging of pressure is a precision and gradual process. In case of balls which has lost all or most of their internal pressure the process can take several days. Please check the section ‘User Guide’ ( and watch this video of our Youtube channel:

PASCAL BOX® is a airtightness high precision presurising system. Therefore if the indicator needle of the manometer goes down substantively it means the system is losing pressure, normally it will be fixed doing the periodical manteinance. Please visit this section ( and watch this video in our Youtube channel:

This product has been designed to deliver precision, security and convenience. You can of course keep and take with you the PASCAL BOX® when it is pressurised and working. This way you will have, at any time, balls ready with the correct pressure, the regulatory pressure established by the international federations.

With time and use the balls lose their internal pressure until they have none (equal to the atmospheric). Pascal Box can completely recover the internal pressure of any ball given that its rubber is in good condition (without cracks or breaches). Watch this video for more info:

o At low altitude (see level for example) the atmospheric pressure is maximal, causing the balls to bounce less, lower (both news and old balls). You can compensate this effect by putting an extra pressure into your balls. Just take the pressure to the top level of the range of your sport. For more info watch this video:

The manometer of your Pascal Box is a hihly sensitive and precision device and can be damaged by a hit or impact, caused for example by droping the lid onto the floor. What happens is that the needle ‘jumps’ to a new position (the new ‘zero’ pressure level). Pascal Box will continue working corrrectly with a deviation in the indicator.

Even though the damage caused by impacts are not covered by the warranty please do contact us (+34 918 812 271 or and we will find you the best solution.