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What is a ball pressure charger?

Do you play padel, tennis or frontennis? Are you fed up with balls that do not bounce properly when playing a match? If you are, Pascal Box is the solution. We, as active padel players, have experienced the same uncomfortable situations as you have. Balls that do not bounce properly, injuries caused by forced gestures,…

A pressure charger, or ball pressuriser  for padel, tenis and frontennis, is a system designed to recover balls to their regulatory pressure. Maintaining the balls with the adecuate pressure brings also more benefits: it maximises the life-span of the balls, help avoid injuries and protect the environment. Benefits of Pascal Box pressuriser:

1. Avoid injuries. A correct bounce avoid many injuries
2. Save money. Maximises the life-span of the ball
3. Respects environment. Less rubber, less contamination

Thousands of players of all levels are already using PASCAL BOX®

Find out why in our video

“Play more than 30 matches without having to change balls”

PASCAL BOX® is the only pressure charger in the market that recover, match after match, the regulatory pressure. The balls will bounce like the first day until you break them!

Fede Quiles. Top 10 WPT 2017

¿Did you know that the rubber of the padel, tennis and frontenis balls are not currently recoverable? do you know how big negative impact it has on the environment? To help protect it is in your hands. HELP US.

It’s no magic, is science

PASCAL BOX® is the only pressure charger that recovers balls* which have lost all of its pressure 


*(balls have to be in good condition)


The arrival of the EVA foam replacing the wood was a major advance in our sport, to be able to keep the regulatory pressure of the ball for months is, no doubt, a tipping point for our sport. It is something indispensable for me already.

Manu Martín, Madrid. Professional World Padel Tour coach

Mon utilisation du Pascal box se fait principalement pour mes cours de padel , avec le Pascal box pro donc. Les produits possèdent un design robuste , fiable et qui facilite leurs utilisation. Ils me permettent de retrouver a chaque cours ou chaque partie des balles avec une pression de qualité. La seule chose que j ai a faire c est de remettre la pression les soirs (2 min avec le Pascal box pro et 20 secondes avec le pascal box 3B). Produit révolutionnaire que je recommande!

Jeremy Gala, Brussels, La Belgique. Jouer et entraineur professionnel

I have the product since 3 years ago. It is not only a great product but the customer and technical service is spectacular. The care, the engagement , the solutions and videos are a great support and help. Great professionals I hope they keep on growing because they deserve it.

Victor, A Coruña, Spain. Padel and tennis amateur player

It works wondefuly and the precision manometer allows you to play with the same rebound of the ball. The money saving is significant, and I change balls because they do not look good, not because of the bouncing. Also makes me feel I am contributing to the protection of the environment. I had a minor problem with my Pascal and the customer service is excellent. A must have.

José María Fernandez, Madrid. Amateur player

Pascalbox is the best invention to save money with balls. Depending on the brand they will last more or less, but I have played for more than 30 matches with the same set of balls…something unthinkable, thanks to this invention, normally the balls last up to 5 matches maximum but after the third the performance drops down dramatically. Very good investment, you get your money back very quickly.

Gustavo García Rodríguez, Vigo, Spain. Amateur player since 16 years ago.

I had a problem of pressure lose in my Pascal Box and they resolved the issue inmediately. 100% satisfied. Of all of the alternatives in the market I recommend Pascal Box 100%.

Ramon Morlanes, Valencia, Spain. Amateur padel player.

After using other options in the market, Pascal Box is the only pressure charger that I like and performs as you should expect. If you add to that the outstanding Customer Service you get the perfect solution.

Jorge, Córdoba, Spain. Amateur player

Very good technical support. Quick and above all, outstanding!

Sonia, Zaragoza. Amateur padel player

I have received an excellent customer service yet again, and this time they sent me replacement components for free.
Very few companies have given me such a service.
Thank you !

Ernesto, Castro Urdiales. Amateur player

Very satisfied with the performance of Pascal Box and with the company itself. At the begining I had some problems with the product and they solved them 100% without troubles. Now the savings in balls is huge. I give a 10 to the product.

Ángel, Jaén, Spain. Amateur player

The customer service is incredible, can not be better. I had a problem with the o-ring, they fixed it, and they even replaced the manometer which had a scratch and they gave me a tube of vaseline for free too! Come on, a 12 for them!!!

David Sosa, Badajoz, Spain. Amateur player

I have been playing with balls like new since I started using Pascal Box. The pressure of the balls is like the first day I opened the can. I change balls every 4 or 5 matches and for trainings I use them up to 20 times no problem. The money saving is important.

Lino Arturo Fernández Garcia, Madrid. Intensive amateur padel player

I have been using the product for 3 years now, it’s all benefits, above all the money saving in balls expenditure. It has been a great discovery and a useful tool for us padel players.

Susana Peña, Alcalá de Henares. Amateur player

The other day, we played with balls with 3-4 matches and with the right pressure (recharged with Pascal) and one of the guys complained to me because he has a ‘strange feeling’ due to the fact that the balls had less hair…. no more words needed

Igor Aurrecoechea, Mechelen, Belgium. Amateur player

It works. It recovers the pressure back perfectly. Faster and better than other competing products.

Sergio Puebla, Boadilla del Monte. Amateur player

To play with balls recharged by Pascal Box is awesome, the balls bounce like new, I have improved my game and I am saving a lot of money too.

Víctor García, Madrid. Regular player
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Do not play again with balls that do not bounce correctly

The use of balls without the proper pressure has been proved to have a direct impact on the number of injuries

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